Training Plans

We have a variety of training plans to meet your needs. Depending on the training services you are seeking or the issues you are dealing with, we may recommend a single or combination approach.

Following are the training plans offered by Redefined Dog Training. For more information, please click on the corresponding tab in the right-hand panel.

  • Private or Semi-private training sessions
  • In-kennel training
  • Focused training

When considering the variety of training options, we encourage you to consider the level of training required to meet your needs, your scheduling and availability as some programs require more commitment from the dog owners, and budget. While each training plan is quoted on a case by case basis, we can assure you: we are not the most expensive, we are not the cheapest, but we are the best!

Considering another trainer? You might want to learn more about our retraining services before you make your final decision!

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