Group classes



6 - 1 hr. sessions with 5 to 10 other dogs
Works on basic Obedience
Heel, sit, stay, down and come


All basic commands work toward off leash and work on distractions

Starter agility

Good for young dogs to build confidence and fun learning

Beginner agility

Older dogs some obstacles to teach and do with your dog (this is not competition agility)


Running dog through course for time and adding more difficult obstacles

Private lesson at my place

Work on basic obedience, manner behavior problems, jumping, play, biting

Heel, sit, stay, down, come, and place

Results depend on owner practicing

In home private lessons

Basic obedience place command and boundaries

Daily drop off

Basic obedience or ability, socialize

In Kennel basic program

Service dog training

Personal protection

Or sport protection training available

Contact for details

Also AKC Obedience competition training available

These services based on evaluation of dog

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